ReModena Organic Truffle Balsamic - Earthy flavor adds character to steak, pasta and omelets 250ml.

New Organic Balsamics from ReModena

ReModena Saffron Balsamic

Subtle, sophisticated. Adds star power to avocado toast, grilled vegetables and lamb 250ml.

ReModena Organic Raspberry Balsamic Classico - Big fruit combined with rich sweetness maes this ripe with possibilities 250ml.

ReModena Organic Vanilla Balsamic - Warm, creamy notes complement fresh pastries, ice cream and champagne cocktails 250ml.

ReModena Organic Apple Balsamic

Tangy with a fresh, just-picked-from-orchard flavor 250ml.

ReModena Organic Cherry Balsamic Classico - Sophisticated flavor perfect for savory or sweet dishes 250ml.

ReModena Organic Orange Balsamic Classico - Bright, refreshing addition to roasted beets, salmon and martinis 250ml.

ReModena Organic White Balsamic

Delicate and delicious on fresh fruit, salads and grilled fish 250ml

ReModena Organic Balsamic PGI

Certified by the producer consortium of Modena, this crisp balsamic is ideal for everyday use 250ml.

ReModena Organic Balsamic Classico

Decadent drizzled over strawberries, bruschetta or asparagus 250ml.

ReModena Organic Chocolate & Coffee Balsamic Classico - A match made in Modena! Heavenly on fruit, ice cream and anything chocolate 250-ml.